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Jan 6, 2024

FRC3546 Buc'n'Gears




STEP files of our robots. Warning: Large file sizes.


2011 STEP  2011 eDrawing

Mecanum drive, plastic chassis, simple design, flexible chassis keeps all four wheels on the ground


2012 STEP  2012 eDrawing

Welded aluminum chassis, six-wheel drive, single speed, drop center wheel, 6" wheels



2013 STEP  2013 eDrawing

Welded aluminum chassis, six-wheel drive, single speed, frisbee shooter


2014 STEP  2014 eDrawing

Welded aluminum chassis, six-wheel drive with two-speed transmission


2015 STEP  2015 eDrawing

Welded aluminum chassis, mecanum drive, two lift mechanisms


2016 STEP  2016 eDrawing

Laser cut plates, PE plastic end plates and lifting arms, sweeper bar, controls mounted from bottom


2017 STEP  2017 eDrawing

Laser cut plates, 4" wheels, 8 wheel drive, two-speed transmission, gripper, winch, ball handling


2018 STEP  2018 eDrawing

plastic chassis, mecanum drive, laminated tube and plate construction, gripper, climbing hook


2019 STEP  2019 eDrawing

Vex Pro tubing, six-wheel chain-in-tube drive, lifting arm, and chain driven robot vertical lifting mech


2020 STEP  2020 eDrawing

off-season work on simple swerve drive




Buc'n'Gears Safety Corner - Toolbox Talks


FIRST Mechanical - design related info


FRC Controls System - link to control system instructions


Spinning Levers - video of how a transmission works


Simbotics - FRC resources, robot design and team info


Archieved FRC Games - old FRC game info


Lakeshore Fab Lab

Learn the Plasma Cutter

Basic Programing of a DXF File


General Article on Robotics - this website was suggested by group of young ladies working on a robotics badge - doing a good turn daily


Work through this list of tasks to get up to speed quickly. Students, leaders and parents interested in FRC can work through this basic list. The more you learn about FRC the better experience you will have.


  • Participate in all scheduled activities
  • Learn team member names and get to know everyone
  • Watch all game animations from 2003 to prestent online
  • Watch actual event matches online
  • Read through the Admin manual from the previous year
  • Read the Game manual for the past couple years
  • Work through the Shop Training with our mentors
  • Learn how we run our shop and storage
  • Understand the safety procedures
  • Create a development plan for specific technical interests 

FIRST in Michigan - Michigan Event Info

FIRST YouTube Channel - tons a helpful videos

The Blue Alliance - Event and Match info and videos

Chief Delphi - Forums for everything FRC


Andy Mark - Robot parts and instructional info

Vex Pro - Vex parts

Rev Robotics - cool robot parts

West Cost Products - everthing FRC

The Robot Space - more parts

Armabot - unique assemblies, Versa Planetary adapters

TheThrifityBot - unique and helpful robot parts


McMaster Carr - Lots of parts, parts for everything!

Automation Direct - Inline air control parts + a lot more


Find Robot Parts - resource to help you find specific parts




Useful things for FRC students! Send us your comments for additional content.


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